Happy Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day! In God I find freedom to become the woman He created me to be.

I just wanted to share the song that for me best describes what today is all about.

It was originally written in behalf of women, victims of domestic violence. However, women around the world and across ages, religions and cultures have been in physical and emotional chains that prevented their light shine bright.

Today we remember the women and men who have fought for women’s freedoms. Today we celebrate women and say that it’s not only acceptable to be a woman, but it’s a gift for humanity when women are all they are meant to become.

My life is full of great examples of the warrior that is a woman, and of men who love them. Thank you, for the path in front of me is full of possibilities.

Ella, Bebe

She is tired of throwing the towel

She removes from herself the spider webs

She hasn’t sleep tonight, though she’s not tired

She hasn’t look at her image in the mirror, yet she feels gorgeous

Today, she has colored her eyelashes

Today, she likes her smile, she doesn’t feel a stranger

Today, she dreams what she wishes without worry

Today, she’s a woman that knows her own soul
Today, you’ll know the world is all yours,

That no one can harm you; no one can hurt you.

Today, you’ll understand,

Slamming a door can break up fear.

Today, you will make someone laugh,

Because your eyes have grown tired of crying,

Today, you’ll manage to laugh at yourself and see how much you’ve accomplished.

Today, you’ll be the woman

You wish to be.

Today, you’ll love yourself

Like no one knew how to love

Today, you’ll look forward

Because yesterday already hurt you

A brave woman, a smiling woman

Look how it happens!

Today, a perfect woman is born

She’s broken the rules

She wears high heals to make her steps louder

Today she knows her life will never be a failure again

Today you’ll discover the world is only for you

That no one can hurt you, no one can harm you

Today you’ll reach heaven

Without looking down

Today, you are going to be happy

Even when winter is cold and long

Today, you’ll manage

To laugh so much at yourself and everything you’ve accomplished