Let’s have a light Valentine’s Day

First of all I love, Love, everything that means and I have no problems expressing it, receiving it, giving it, and living it every day. Mushy or not, it’s my favorite verb, noun and adjective.

However, Valentine’s Day the day to celebrate love can be one of the most difficult days especially for the romantic challenged. My Beau, has a terrible score with Valentine’s. Yes, I do keep score in this sort of thing. It never fails; at the end of the day he’ll walk around feeling like once again he failed to do the big romantic gesture. He got caught up with work late, he didn’t find anything to get me (it’s tough when your girl hates most jewelry, red roses and cheap chocolate), or simply he forgot until someone got flowers at work.

So I wrote him a letter, about having a “light” Valentines day, maybe someone else can relate. And if you are feeling particularly “unloved” this day, or most of the time, maybe they are simply speaking a different language.

So before you come home I release you. I release you of the obligation of having to prove that today you love me more than any man has loved any other woman. For starters, I love you and that’s enough for me. To love you has been the best decision I’ve made in my life and I hope to keep loving you for the rest of my life.

And I thank you because I know I’m loved more than all the chocolate covered strawberries in the world could convey.

You loved me when you said, “I do” even though we had nothing going for us but our faith.

You loved me when you came back to me time and time again, no matter how far you traveled and how far you stray. 

You loved me when you took charge of this family like a man even when you were just a child.

You loved me when you held our son and told me we had everything.

You loved me when you forgave the unforgivable.

You loved me when you supported me to get a degree, go to D.C., stay home, get a job, quit said job, write, get a new job, start again, plant a garden… or not, go to Mexico, paint the kitchen blue, learn to draw… or not, put my feet up for a while, run a marathon… let’s start with a 10K, have another baby, and every other whim of my heart because you love and respect my heart.

But most of all, now I know you do have pretty extraordinary moments as a romantic; I only had to learn to read between the lines.

I now now:

 You love me because you don’t leave the house without giving me a kiss.

You love me because you let it go before I can.

You love me because you smile/laugh after everything I say. I’m glad I make you happy.

You love me because you get me tea at night.

You love me because you invite me for lunch or to clean the garage when you miss me during the day.

You love me because you want to read what I read.

You love me because you can’t go to sleep until I do.

You love me because you let me sleep in.

You love me because you work hard and want to share it with me.

You love me because you ask me to dance in the kitchen when we have rough days.

And I could go on and on, but I think you got it. I know you love me and it’s OK if for today if we just watch a romantic movie and the bottle of wine I got. We can celebrate our Love without anything exceptional, because what we got is pretty sweet