Kickstart of a new building season at Amor


As the new building season approaches for Amor, I was invited to their kick-start praying dedication. The theme for this year is Disrupted.

Gayla Cooper, co-founder of Amor, was asked to write a book about the stories from the field. She appropriately called it Disrupted because that’s how it feels to respond a call to service. And it happens all the time whether at the field or at your computer desk, or at the grocery store. She shared with me that getting used to the disruption and acting on it are the secrets of a faith thriving life.

During the celebration I was amazed of the stories of faith, big and small from the pastors from Mexico and the staff of Amor. That’s a really exciting and diverse bunch I’ll be working with.

We had a bilingual worship experience lead by one of the newest members of Amor, a seven foot Mexican with a sweet voice and kind eyes. It’s neat to see even the staff that don’t speak fluent Spanish communicate with those not fluent in English. I might even help as a translator in the future.

Part of the mission of Amor is to empower the local pastors to help with the needs of their communities. Of course building homes is at the core of the mission, but it’s the collaboration with the community that lets them be more effective in transforming lives. Kids who have grown up with the community deciding to pay it forward by working and volunteering with Amor to help those still trapped in poverty.

The highlight of the day was lunch. Alicia, the wife of one of the pastors, is in charge of La Cocina, a makeshift restaurant under a tent in the camp where volunteers stay. In there, miracles are made. I could not believe that she has cooked for up to a 1000 short term missionaries. We ate plenty of carne asada, home made tortillas, guacamole, rice, beans, and nopales salad and a marshmallow dessert. I wish I had  taken pictures (ran out of battery), but really you’ll have to take my word on how delicious and authentically Mexican everything was.

Being at the camp, also made me miss the experience of getting my hands dirty building (rather finishing) homes. I’ll look for pictures and share later, it happened so long ago that they were in my old computer.

Newbreak, my home church, it’s also organizing a building trip in partnership with Amor for May over Memorial Day weekend, in case you would like to get your hands dirty.

Where am I in the journey?

Gratitude and Praise. I’ve got some more donations and God answered prayers, some acts of kindness by strangers and I no longer wear braces.