Creating our Family Mission Statement

Family Mission StatementMy family is taking part on Amor’s Advent daily devotional to prepare for Christmas.

The first disruption for 24 Days of Disrupt was to “Create your Family Mission Statement.” ‪

It was weird at first, but after watching the videos on the blog, it became a lot less intimidating.

We used the family rules poster we have for ideas; lingo from the ‪7 habits that Mia has been learning at school, and took turns answering questions about what is important for us. We put it all together in a beautiful sentence that little D created.

We also added and defined some values that are important for us.

It reads:

“We will serve God through life’s journey with humor, compassion, love and respect for one another.”

Respect: Listening, seeking to understand, caring and serving one another.
Humor: Laugh at ourselves, see life with optimism add jokes and fun.
Compassion: Think of others and reach to those who are hurting.
Adventure: Seek experiences, try new things and don’t be afraid to fail.
Affection: Kind words, hugs, snuggles, and besos.
Family: Time together.

We hope this will continue helping us create a family culture that will help us guide us in the same direction during the holidays and on years to come.


Donate to Amor today and help a family get a strong foundation

In the 5th day of Advent, Amor’s disruption is very simple: Give a family the gift of a cement floor. Whether you choose to make it a one time gift or a monthly gift, being able to provide a foundation for a family not only will help them prevent illnesses, like Astma, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal infections, but also will help keep a family warm.

Through Casa de Amor you can also sponsor an entire house, which allow us to build homes in areas and times of the year when our groups can’t come to build.

Watch this video explaining how pastors lead their communities in building homes for families through Casa de Amor House Sponsorship program.

Casa de Amor. Amor Ministries House Sponsorship Program from Amor Ministries on Vimeo.