Creating our Family Mission Statement

Family Mission StatementMy family is taking part on Amor’s Advent daily devotional to prepare for Christmas.

The first disruption for 24 Days of Disrupt was to “Create your Family Mission Statement.” ‪

It was weird at first, but after watching the videos on the blog, it became a lot less intimidating.

We used the family rules poster we have for ideas; lingo from the ‪7 habits that Mia has been learning at school, and took turns answering questions about what is important for us. We put it all together in a beautiful sentence that little D created.

We also added and defined some values that are important for us.

It reads:

“We will serve God through life’s journey with humor, compassion, love and respect for one another.”

Respect: Listening, seeking to understand, caring and serving one another.
Humor: Laugh at ourselves, see life with optimism add jokes and fun.
Compassion: Think of others and reach to those who are hurting.
Adventure: Seek experiences, try new things and don’t be afraid to fail.
Affection: Kind words, hugs, snuggles, and besos.
Family: Time together.

We hope this will continue helping us create a family culture that will help us guide us in the same direction during the holidays and on years to come.


God Size Dream

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5

Ever since I was a kid I knew I wanted to be a writer. On sixth grade this dream was fed by a little bit of competition with one of my best friends and academic rival: Monica. By the time we were in Jr. High we even made a bet of who would win a Nobel Price or a Pulitzer. We were very young and naïve; But profoundly in love with Spanish literature.

We went to different high-schools and it was during this time that our dreams changed. I was to be a lawyer. It happened gradually as I began reading Plato and I found out I enjoyed the pursuit of truth and justice and crafting arguments. I still wanted to write, but also to be able to earn a living and keep my independence as a single woman.

At the end of high-school, I was admitted to law school and not just any law school, but to La Escuela Libre de Derecho, one of the most prestigious schools in Mexico. Still, at 17 I began having second thoughts, I was going through inside turmoil and insecurities of an adolescent carrying scars of a broken childhood. I didn’t feel prepared to take that new step. I was spinning without real direction.

My step-dad  and my mother encouraged me to spend a year with their relatives in United States. The plan was for me to learn English, and then return with a clearer vision of what I would do next. School would wait for me, while my acceptance letter guaranteed me a Visa.

 God is the Composer. Your life is His musical score. God is the Artist.

Your life is His canvas. God is the Architect. Your life is His blueprint. God is the Writer. You are His book.  Mark Batterson, Draw the Circle

 That trip altered forever the course of the life I had planned for my self.

It was in the United States that I became a Christian. Despite growing up with a Catholic background, I was a unapologetic agnostic veering towards full-on atheist. And it wasn’t that people didn’t share their faith with me before; my best friend is Christian and she tried (although she mostly focused on Catholic to Christian conversion when I wasn’t interested in either option). I believe I couldn’t hear because my ears were clogged with hate and resentment. I sensed that if I had survived  for so long,  it was up to me to make things better for myself. I wanted to believe I was intelligent enough and capable enough to work through whatever was sent my way and the idea of God seemed like a superstition that would only get on my way.

But Jesus pursued me, found me and changed me.  He created in me new dreams and new hopes.

I’ll share my testimony with more detail another time. Probably is worth noting I never went back to live in Mexico and I also didn’t ended up studying Law.

When I enrolled for the first time in College in the United States I had to take many English classes, only to be able to start taking College level classes. I still remember with amusement the face of my counselor when I said I wanted to major in Journalism. His job was to tell me that it was a really bad idea; perhaps I would be more interested in a Chicano Studies degree. In order to be admitted into the Journalism program at State, I would need to pass a nearly impossible test.

It wasn’t until the third attempt I passed such test. And kept onward. I graduated with a major in Journalism and a minor in Economics from SDSU– A small feat for many, a gargantuan for me.

After graduation I remember telling God, well thank you, I got it from here. At the same time He told me, give it to me. I didn’t understand. I didn’t want to understand. But a seed was planted that would take three years to germinate.

Like I’ve said before, I love journalism. It’s at the essence of me. I don’t discard a career in journalism, but for now God has given me a new dream. In retrospect He had been working early on at the heart of who I am, at the core of my talents and as I work to hone and acquire new skills He keeps prompting me. That’s why when the opportunity came with Amor I took it. I knew it was a God dream. And the dream has grown that now I can’t imagine doing anything else.

While I’ve not raised the monetary support I need to work with Amor, some doors have started to open up in that regard, and I pray more people decide to partner with me and believe in my calling within the organization.

In the meantime I am writing, again. For now even if the only story I have to share it’s mine, I’m writing. With each word my writing becomes more coherent, more full of faith. I’m discovering the voice He gave me, to use for the job He has ahead for me.

And I no longer want to be independent. I like living in interdependence with my husband, family and friends and to be completely dependent in Him.

As for Monica, she studied computer science and has written in the sidelines, poems, and short stories. She’s a mom of a beautiful daughter and has created a beautiful family and I’m sure in her way she’s living her dreams.

It is only fitting that I start my journey in February “mes del Amor”


Many people struggle waiting for God’s response, but what happens when God tells you clearly to do something and you simply won’t move in the direction He wants you to go?

Up until five months ago I had a job in which I did very well within a company that reflected my values and where I was growing in many ways. I was in a career path that required many hours daily in the office and many more at home reading and researching. It left me drained and hungry (literally and figuratively), although curiously happy and satisfied like at the end of a long run.

However, God began pulling me away. When my husband started traveling for work, it became harder to juggle responsibilities at home along a demanding career. I prayed and God told me He had something else for me.  So I took a giant leap of faith and I quit a job that not only provided economically, but a job I enjoyed immensely.  It was one of the hardest choices I had to make.

That was in September of last year. Since then I struggled trying to figure out what was God’s plan for me. At times I thought it was for me to be home with my kids and rock the mom profession, we moms are fabulous after all. But, He kept stirring in me a new dream. I prayed for direction.

God’s answer came while running during a chilly November afternoon.  After several miles (more like two) the song of Casting Crowns “If We Are The Body” kept resounding in my head except that the lyrics kept saying if “we are the body, why aren’t his hands building?” as opposed to whatever it says (I’m famous for making up lyrics). I prayed for interpretation.

When I got home, while working on my resume I saw Amor ministries listed in volunteering experience. (I had been asked by a career expert to perhaps remove it because it was irrelevant to my skills and the jobs I wanted).

Although it has been a while since the last time I volunteered with Amor, I never forgot that weekend.

When you are a bad listener, God sometimes shouts.  Later that day as I was cleaning my inbox I found an old link to the Amor ministries employment page (apparently it was not the first time God had stirred me in that direction).

I was shocked to find that at the top of the page that Amor Ministries was seeking for a Social Media Specialist and my skill set, as set in my resume was a mirror image of the needs of the position.

So with blind faith I applied to the position and after several interviews I was welcomed to be part of the team at the beginning of this year.

However being that Amor is a non-profit, my salary is 100% dependent on fundraising and this is where I froze (remember I got the job in Jan). I have never successfully raised funds for anything in my life. In the past, it was a struggle to even get a couple of hundred dollars for a race against cancer and now I’m supposed to raise three months salary before I can start and then I will be dependent on the good will of friends and strangers for continued support. This is an even bigger step of faith than simply sending out a resume.

But I’m even more afraid of what will happen if I don’t move. It’s easy to pray for direction; it takes courage to take the path once you are given one.

Luckily I’m not alone in this, my family supports me, and only last night some of my friends just made me realized that I’m simply being asked to throw out the net. And more importantly God is with me.

He said, “Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.” When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish.

NIV John 21:6

If you want to join me in this new venture, let me know. You can make donations directly in the website under staff giving and please input my name in the comment section.

All your donations are tax deductible.

If you want to read more about the work of Amor, please visit and subscribe to this blog as I continue my journey to Amor I will keep you posted about my first year in the ministry.