World Habitat Day – Numbers and Stories of a Global Problem


Tijuana-view (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While numbers help us understand problems, most of us can’t really grasp the staggering statistics on slum housing — defined “as lack of durable housing of a permanent nature that protects against extreme climate conditions and sufficient living space, meaning not more than three people sharing the same room. ”

To explain those statistics in a way we can wrap our heads around it, Nick Rawson, Amor’s lead data analyst (a.k.a. numbers genius) does a great job here .

Visiting the slums of Tijuana in weekly basis and talking with the families we build homes with has made it more and more obvious that the problem is multifaceted, but the one thing that has in common with the problem of housing around the world is that Tijuana is a refugee city.

Like other refugee cities around the world, the vast majority of residents come from other states in Mexico  escaping poverty, violence, and famine. In recent years the population has grown even at a faster speed due to deportation due to immigration policies implemented by the current administration in United States.  These families are trying desperately to make a life in this city and while development isn’t catching up to meet their needs, they are here to stay because going back is not an option.

Amor Ministries partnered with the local church to reach those in need. One house at a time a life of a family is transformed. And while we don’t have all the answers we won’t sit down while we can build hope.  #comebuildhope




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