What are you really about?

Your time is limited

See, because part of my job is to spend ridiculous amounts of time in social media I notice the noise more than usual.

The noise is what we are all saying. The shouting. Everyone in his or her corner saying, “this is what I am about!” Whether be an organization, a brand, a church or an individual, everyone wants to communicate to a watching world this (whatever “this” might be) is important and you have to hear me.

For the most part, I’m part of that noise as well (perhaps even louder than most because I’m a professional noise maker), and like everyone else I too believe that my noise is worthy to be heard.

But that noise we are all doing can’t just stay in social media. I believe it needs to lead into actions. It means we need to observe and see what it’s our role.

Are we helping a cause by raising awareness, or are we just making everyone numb about things that should matter by creating static with all our noise? Is there another point of view? Do I have the authority on the subject? What are my blind spots?

And then, evaluate our intentions. Are our offline actions reflect what we say it’s important online or are we using the megaphone of Social Media to get some attention to ourselves or to excuse us from doing something concrete on support of which we believe?

I’m not talking about hypocrisy or giving up social media to have a “real” life, or trying to vilify the merits of social media… there is a lot of noise on the subject already too.

What I mean is that it is time to begin listening. We can’t keep screaming from our corner without joining conversations (not beginning arguments). The potential for the sharing of ideas and coming up with solutions is really limitless.

It means that we need to look at ourselves and see if what we are doing or saying really reflects our interests or if we are only following trends because the News, and the noise of social media is telling us to keep shouting the same thing as if something changes because WE ALL care  OH SO MUCH!

We need clarity. We need to know what we are about. And then, we need to act on it.

According to my news feed on Facebook this is what is trending… But it doesn’t mean that’s the only thing I should care about. Are you with me?

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