8: Stop talking trash about your body

This is not your typical love your body first so you can commit to starve it next. Love is the Begining and end on of itself. The words of this woman eloquently echo what I’ve recently decided to embrace for my life. Love.


Girl on a Mission – quick update,

Since last week, my feelings towards my mission have changed. Rather I’m fully embracing what the mission of what I’ve been called to do will entail. At Amor, Gayla came with the concept of Disrupt (or borrowed the concept of disrupt). Living a life of disruption, means following where God will call you, even when it makes us uncomfortable, it seems unfeasible and it’s full of unknowns.

While originally having to cross to Tijuana in regular basis hardly felt  foreign to me (given that I’m Mexican), I’m actually culturally and spiritually unmatched to what I’ve been facing.

I started to feel like a foreigner in my own country, disrupted.  But you know, that’s when letting God work with you in that state that we are more keen for transformation. My heart was broken and he put it back together. it’s natural for it to get to me, but now I can focus on acquiring the skills to cope. Because disruption is guaranteed if you are to follow Jesus. And I want to keep following, listening and growing in that relationship, the most personal relationship of my life. It has led me to this incredible adventure and I can’t wait to see where it will lead.